Kita no Genki Marche Hokoten Shin-Anjo will be held in Anjo,2023.3.25sat

Kita no Genki Marche Hokoten Shin-Anjo

Sat,March 25 2023

North Rotary of Meitetsu Shin-Anjo station and city roads

This event is a social experiment that explores new possibilities for the town using Anjo City's Machinaka Place Making System. How will we use the town around Shin-Anjo Station? Do you want to think and act together?


Now,SHIN ANJ0 is hot spot for everyone!

There are a total of 30 kitchen cars and food stalls!

Performers bring excitement to the stage ♬

Children can also enjoy the fair ♡

Food from various countries unique to SHIN ANJ0

北のげんきマルシェ ホコ天新安城 北のげんきマルシェ ホコ天新安城



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